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Drive Time Kendal Customer Feedback

Lucy - Posted on: Tuesday 01st of October 2013 at 06:49pm

David was particularly encouraging, patient and most of all calm which was ideal for me. His tips and advice stuck with me and allowed me to pass first time! I would certainly recommend him to anyone learning to drive, he's an excellent instructor.

Alex - Posted on: Saturday 14th of September 2013 at 07:43pm

Dave really does offer good and clear driving lessons, he makes you feel comfortable and when it got to test day I felt confident I could pass first time and did just that. Definitely get Dave as your instructor.

Adam - Posted on: Sunday 08th of September 2013 at 08:37pm

Dave's tuition was fantastic, I passed first time and felt confident on test day, thanks to Dave's tuition!

Joe - Posted on: Thursday 13th of June 2013 at 07:25pm

I have been extremely satisfied with the high standard of tuition David has given me, as it has led me to pass my test first time. He is incredibly kind, patient and understanding - I could not have done it without him. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. A first class service greatly appreciated.

Lindsey - Posted on: Wednesday 01st of May 2013 at 07:37pm

I've really enjoyed learning to drive with David. He is very patient, encouraging and is happy to go over any areas which you want to recap. David also has a good sense of humour which makes feel at ease.I'd recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you David!

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