Advanced Driving

Want to take your driving skills to a higher level?

You may have to drive for work and be required to undertake a road risk assessment, or simply share a keen interest in developing your driving skills. Training to an “advanced” standard could be what you are looking for.

Defensive Driving

Planning your driving with good observational skills and anticipating the actions of other road users will help reduce the risk of being involved in a collision.

“Eco-Safe” Driving

Driving your vehicle smoothly and safely will mean less wear and tear and improve its fuel efficiency, thereby saving you money.

Advanced Driving Tests

The above are some of the elements involved in training to successfully complete the advanced driving tests available through RoSPA and the DIA. These take in a variety of road conditions, including motorways where possible, as well as completing set manoeuvres. A short “commentary drive” is often included as part of these tests.

Motorway at night

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